Please go through these terms and conditions carefully. By purchasing our services you indicated that you agree with the terms and conditions cited on this page. Using our services also means that you commit to the set procedures and conditions. Boost likes online has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notifying anyone. You are therefore required to visit this section from time to time to familiarize yourself with any additions or modifications of the terms and conditions.


All information found on this website including pictures, text, and videos is protected by the law. It is purely an intellectual property of boost likes online. Copying any content from this website without the permission of our company is illegal.

Website use

The services of this website include social media engagement and online subscriber services. All services are offered through the website and for you to get the services you must pay for the chosen service first. As a customer, you are not allowed to use the services of this website for illegal purposes. You should know that should we notice that you are using our services for the wrong purpose that we are going to terminate our contract with you and we will not offer any refunds. All sales by our website are final and refunds can only be given at the discretion of the company.

Age limit 

Conducting business with this website means that you are over 18 years. We do not conduct business with anyone below the age of 18 years. Anyone below the age of 18 years can only use the website under the supervision of a guardian who is 18 years and above and who is aware of the type of business we conduct. The guardian must also have read the terms and conditions of the website and understood them.

Limitation of liability 

Boost likes online will not be responsible for any losses, liabilities, or damages arising from the use of our services. Please note that you will use our site at your own risk. As you bound by the terms and services of this website you must hold Boostlikesonline.com free from any claim connected to any alleged breach of the terms.


Every customer using our services must agree to purely use our services as well as the website for the right and lawful services. You are required not to compromise the security of this website or even cause damage to our services or the website. As a user, you are not allowed in any way to alter or add content to the website. You must also refrain from accessing the website without permission. Lastly, you must not use the website for any other purpose other than for the services offered.

Confidential information

All information provided to the website for delivery of service is treated as confidential information. Any other information provided for any other purpose other than the delivery of services will be treated as non-confidential information. If you want some information such as blogs to display on our website that you must seek permission first. If the content is fit for the website then it can be considered for the same.


This website has the right to correct any inaccuracies or errors found in any content on the website. Such corrections or change of information will be done without any notice. Note that boostlikesonline.com will not guarantee that its information is % error-free. It also does not guarantee that the available errors will be corrected immediately.

Termination of service

The contract and terms of engagement will begin immediately after boostlikesonline.com agrees to offer services to you. The same contract will end when terminated by any of the parties. Boost likes online can terminate the service if they notice that you are using the service for illegal purposes or you are abusing the system. In such cases you will not be liable for any refunds and the company can block your access to the service without any notice. If you decide to terminate the contract you will also not be liable for any refunds.

Third-Party marketing campaigns

Boost likes online does not require you to run any other marketing campaign while it is running a campaign for you. Other campaigns may interfere with our service delivery since we use public statistics to measure the results of our campaign. If you decide to run another campaign during the time of our campaign then we will not be held responsible for any comments, visits, or likes gained during our campaign period. You will also not be eligible for any money-back guarantee during such a scenario. That is why we ask our clients to refrain from any other form of marketing until our campaign is over.

Campaign duration

We do not make assurances or guarantee on how long the campaign period will take. The times mentioned on the website or through communication with our employees is an estimate and not the actual time to be taken. The estimated period provide helps our customers plan ahead. There are circumstances that may also force us to pause the campaign. The campaign may be paused without notice. We are dedicated to delivering the service without any interruptions but in circumstances where we are not in control over internet-related problems then we will expect the customer to understand.

Fraudulent transactions

If you notice that someone places an order with us using your credit card without authorization please conduct us. We will conduct the Fraud department to ensure that you do not incur losses. In such a case you are required to provide details of the transaction, date of the transaction, and the last four digits of your credit card number. On the other hand, if we notice that you have used someone else’s credit card or any other payment method without permission then we will terminate the contract and you will be liable for all the damages and losses incurred. We are a transparent company and therefore were expect our customers to be just and act appropriately.

Account modification

During the time of the campaign, you are not supposed to change, modify or remove your photos, username, or even personal information. Removing or changing anything from the account will interrupt service delivery. Make sure that you do all the changes you want to your account before the start of the campaign. Remember that we will not be held accountable for the affected delivery of service caused by changes to your account.

Social media accounts

Boost likes online will not be held accountable for accounts, videos, photos, or information removed during the delivery of service. Purchase the service knowing that there are times when social media providers decide to suspend accounts or specific contents in an account. Such things are beyond our control and therefore we will not be held accountable for such. During such an inconvenience we cannot do refunds for services already offered before the suspension or termination of an account. Before hiring us, make sure that your account details conform to the policies of your account provider.