Boost Fans Online is committed to your privacy. We take the privacy of your information very seriously and will do anything to protect it. We clearly understand the sensitivity of everyone’s information. This privacy policy can be modified or corrected at any time without notice. It’s therefore important to visit this section regularly to familiarize yourself with any changes.

You must note that we will not be held responsible for the information you publish, distribute, or post on our site. We cannot promise you that all guest posts will be anonymous especially in circumstances where there are government controls.

Storage on information

We store your information for three main reasons:


Once you register with our platform you agree to part of us. To ensure that you get the best service from us we do not delete your username, company information, phone number, and email address. The reason we don’t delete is to remember you when you visit again. We save you the time of having to sign up every time you want service from us.

For Campaigns

We also store your information so that we can be in a good position to inform you of any additional services.

Business analysis

We can use your information to see how we are faring in the market and the number of clients we get in a specific period. During such an analysis, the information is not shared with third parties. It’s only available to our staff who must be granted permission to access it.


We use different payment methods to give our clients the flexibility to choose the one that works best for them. All our payment methods are automated to allow Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PayTR, PayPal, and Western Union.

For offline payments, there are circumstances when we may allow cheque. We however recommend our customers to avoid the offline means of payments. If you use a cheque you must have in mind that it may take time to mature. We will, therefore, inform you when your payment goes through. Remember that we can only start the delivery of service after the payment has matured. In such a case we will require you to be patient with us as we wait for the maturing of the cheque. We never allow cash payments. It also convenient for our customers because if we allowed cash they would be forced to come to the office to complete the payments.

Cases when your information can be shared to a third party

You should be aware that there are circumstances when our platform may not be in control of your information. The circumstances include when the information is required by a government or a government agency when the information is required by a court of law and lastly when we have to share it to protect the security of the information.


Note that we may decide to use cookies to help us offer better functions whether now or in the future. Cookies do not copy or share your information. They are programs that improve your internet experience such as the remembrance of your information. Cookies are however not compulsory and you can, therefore, turn them off on your browser.

Cookies help in showing visitor preference, their preferred pages on our website, and the recording of user traffic. None of this information is shared with third parties. Through cookies, we only learn what you like so that we can know how to treat you in the future to enhance your experience.