Followers, views, and likes

Boost likes online works throughout the day ensuring that your orders are delivered on time. We offer all services including the delivery of Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Soundcloud followers, Facebook likes, and YouTube views. We are flexible enough to start delivering your order immediately after the completion of the payment. We ensure that within a short period of time that your brand is popular within the platform you choose.


We understand that flexibility and reliability are important to every business. We ensure that our relationship with customers is well protected for them to trust us. That is why we maintain a high level of communication during the delivery time to ensure satisfaction. We are also flexible enough to adjust to any required changes during service delivery.

Full-time customer support

We understand that other than service delivery customer support is very important. Our team offers 24/7 customer support. The support includes calls, emails, and online chats. Our team will never ignore your calls or talk to you rudely. They are well trained to handle all types of customers and clearly understand when a customer is frustrated. In addition, all support calls are recorded and thereafter sampled to ensure that the quality of service is maintained. Contact our team through or our communication channels and you will get the best help.

Track of orders and service delivery

Once you complete the payment of an order we start working on it immediately. We have a team that tracks your order ensuring that there is a continuous flow of the service. The team ensures that whichever services you have ordered whether its likes, followers, or even views are delivered in a consistent manner.

Your information

Once you hire us to deliver any service to you, you should know that we use the information on third-party platforms. The information provided by you is what we use to deliver the service you have ordered. You should however know that we protect your information and that we will never sell it to anyone.


The management of this website has the right to change any information without notifying anyone. However, the change of information is always done in good faith and to better service delivery. It’s therefore important that you go through the website from time to time to check whether there are any changes done and if there is you familiarize yourself with the changes or the additional information.

Termination of service

We get into a contract immediately we accept to offer your service. However, any of us can decide to terminate the contract if they find it not viable. As a client, you can decide to terminate the contract if you find it right to do so from your end. On the other hand, we can decide to terminate it if we find that you are operating in bad faith or are misusing our platform. You should note that should such happen that there will be no refunds. Please refer to the terms of service.

Account Modification

During the time of engagement, you are not allowed to modify, delete, or suspend your account. This is because we rely on the information you provide during the start of the campaign. Altering the information in your account would affect our delivery of service and we would not take the blame. When you disrupt the service delivery we will not compensate for the lost time and in addition, you will not qualify for any refunds. We advise all our clients to ensure that their account is in the state they would like it to remain during the service delivery time.

Campaign period

When you choose a plan on our website it clearly shows the campaign period and the amount that you will incur during that period. The campaigns run over the indicated times. Note that if there are disruptions that require additional time you will be notified in time. However, we rarely get any disruptions during service delivery. Delivery time depends on the plan you choose. In general huge orders take longer to deliver.